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Ballard has the financial tools available to accommodate your next truck lease or purchase.  Using a variety of sources, we offer a wide range of lease and finance alternatives that includes:

  • Term Loans
  • OEM Financing Programs
  • Municipal Financing
  • Special Accommodations
  • FMV Leases

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Contract Summary – This statewide contract provides for the sale and service of heavy duty vehicles.

Benefits and Cost Savings:

The statewide contract provides pricing for the following:
  • Fixed pricing for Mack for the first year of the contract.
  • Fixed hourly rate for repair services for the initial term of the contract.
  • Fixed discount for parts for the initial term of the contract.
  • Vendors who offer roadside/emergency repair services.
  • Vendors who offer repair services during snow emergencies.

Who Can Use This Contract?

  • Applicable Procurement Law – Eligible Entities:
    • Cities, towns, districts, counties, and other political subdivisions.
  • Executive, legislative and judicial branches, including all departments and elected offices therein;
    • Independent public authorities, commissions, and quasi-public agencies.
  • Local public libraries, public school districts and charter school;
    • Public hospitals, owned by the commonwealth
    • Public institutions of high education
  • Public purchasing cooperatives;
    • Non-profit, UFR-certified organizations that are doing business with the Commonwealth;
    • Other states and territories with no prior approval by the State Purchasing Agent required; &
    • Other entities when designated in writing by the State Purchasing Agent.

VEH93 Purchasing Options

Contract users have 2 options when purchasing off VEH93:
  • Purchase truck as specified at the pre-negotiated price or if the truck as specified does not meet your needs, establish revised contract and make award based criteria.
  • While a user may choose to make an award based solely on cost, we recommend a BEST VALUE APPROACH.  Using a best value approach, user would develop additional criteria, in addition to cost on which to base their award.

Examples of Best Value Criteria:

  • Compliance with Specifications
  • Repair/Parts Compatibility
  • Fleet Compatibility
  • Operator ease of use transition
  • Dealer Location
  • Dealer Hours of Operation
  • Delivery Lead Time
  • Cost

Once revised specifications have been established and award criteria determined, user must request a quote form a minimum of three vendors on the contract.  We recommend emailing these requests to the vendor contract listed and referencing VEH93 with attached specifications with a specific date and time for return of the quote.

Review quotes based on award criteria and make award.  User should notify winning vendors.

User should provide bid tabulation sheets if requested from losing vendors.

Additional Pricing and Purchasing Options

Purchases made through this contract will be direct, outright purchases.

How to Use the Contract:

  • The intent of this contract is to provide contract users with the ability to purchase standard base truck as specified at the listed price or allow contract users to modify the specifications and request quote form the awarded dealers for heavy duty trucks (GVWR over 26,001).

Contract users have 2 options when purchasing off VEH93:

  • Contract users have the option of purchasing the truck as specified at the price listed or modifying the base specifications and requesting quotes from a minimum of three of the awarded vendor for the manufacturers listed on the contract.  Vendors are only authorized to sell or provide quotes for the manufacturer of their approved base model.
  • This contract does not include the purchase of specialized equipment such as Zamboni, Elgin Street Sweepers or Fire Engines.
  • In addition, if a contract user is interested in purchasing one of the the trucks which has a pre-negotiated fixed price but if offered by request the best price.  This may result in lowering the price.
  • For alternative or additional after-market equipment/components which total more than $5000,  contract users must seek a minimum of three quotes from awarded vendors.
  • This contract does not allow for the purchase of after-market equipment/components for existing vehicles.
  • In addition to vehicles for sale, this contract has pre-negotiated pricing for repair and parts discount.
  • Prior to new vehicles acceptance, contract users are strongly encouraged to inspect the vehicle to ensure all items are in accordance with the specifications.
  • Price & Acquisition – A spreadsheet with pricing and vendor information has been posted under the “forms & term” tab.
  • Additional information regarding each vendor has been posted under the “vendor tab” for each vendor.

Cities who have purchased from Ballard Truck Center:

  • Abington
  • Ashburnham
  • Barnstable
  • Barre
  • Boston
  • Boylston
  • Carver
  • Chatham
  • Chicopee
  • Clinton
  • Dartmouth
  • Dennis
  • East Brookfield
  • Fall River
  • Foxboro
  • Framingham
  • Goshen
  • Hampden
  • Harvard
  • Hinsdale
  • Holden
  • Hubbardston
  • Kingston
  • Lunenburg
  • Medfield
  • Millbury
  • New Bedford
  • New Braintree
  • New Marlboro
  • N. Attleboro
  • Northborough
  • Paxton
  • Pembroke
  • Phillipson
  • Plymouth
  • Raynham
  • Rockland
  • Rowe
  • Rutland
  • Sandwich
  • Southborough
  • Southbridge
  • Springfield
  • Stoughton
  • Sutton
  • Templeton
  • UMass Amherst
  • Wayland
  • Wellesley
  • West Brookfield
  • Westminster
  • Westwood
  • Williamstown
  • Winchendon
  • Wrentham
  • Yarmouth